About Us

This is simply a blog for mixes we make to be posted and shared with the internet community. If any musicians would like any parts of our mixes to be taken down, please feel free to email us and we will comply.


My name is Whitney and I dwell in the town of Asheville, NC for now. I’m currently in school studying Physics, with hopes of eventually taking a career in the Astrophysics field. I play piano and baritone ukulele and cuddle with my cat. I’m slowly becoming a crazy cat lady. I greatly enjoy jokes that most people find unfunny. I love waterfalls. I was born on Neptune.

Brett hasn’t written his About Me yet, so I’m going to do it for him until he does it himself. Brett used to live in Asheville, but recently moved away to the distant land of Hickory (okay, it’s only an hour down the road, but still..). He’s working for the man right now, but I’m trying to convince him to take down the company he works for from the inside. Brett loves LOST and running. He loves waterfalls, too.
Brett has already graduated college. He is currently preparing to move back to his home planet of Saturn. That’s right. Little-known fact about Brett: he is a being from Saturn. Anyways, since he’s graduated and all, he figures he can bring his sweet Earth degree in Mass Communications back to his home planet, get a sweet job, and eventually become the leader of his golander (to Earth folk, it’s the equivalent of a country). I would tell you the name of his golander, but it doesn’t translate well into letters Earth folk are familiar with. It sounds a lot like what an American 80-something-year-old ex-coal miner with the black lung would sound like when reading a Dostoevsky novel in Russian, though. [edit from Brett–yeah. Whitney basically summed it up.]


We love you.


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