Learning to Drive at Night

learning to drive at night cover

Learning to Drive at Night… [CLICK IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD]

1 “Have to Drive” Amanda Palmer (5:43)
2 “I Want Wind to Blow” The Microphones (5:33)
3 “Cripple and Starfish” Antony and the Johnsons (4:12)
4 “The Dress” Blonde Redhead (4:01)
5 “Coda” God is an Astronaut (5:05)
6 “Superconnected” Broken Social Scene (5:40)
7 “Future Proof” Massive Attack (5:41)
8 “City Middle” The National (4:28)
9 “Requiem for a Fox” Polmo Polpo (11:04)
10 “Soft Power” Ladytron (5:20)
11 “We Have a Map of the Piano” Mum (5:20)
12 “Yasmin the Light” Explosions in the Sky (7:04)

I consider night driving music to be someone ambient and soft. Maybe it’s not good that I listen to such things at night while driving, because it could put me to sleep. There are some upbeat-ish songs in here, though, so falling asleep wouldn’t really be an issue.

But hey! You don’t just have to drive at night with this music. You could probably sleep to it. You can do whatever you want to it, actually.



~ by phitney on June 29, 2009.

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